Saturday, February 5, 2011


On arriving in Orissa I had a day free so decided to go to Chilika and watch dolphins at Chilika lake. The rare endangered Irrwady dolphin is resident there. Actually Orissa has a lot of wildlife happening and I was really pleasantly surprised at all the opportunities Orissa provides.

Well my flight arrived early and my driver arrived late so that combined to start me off late. Then my dear driver was completely clueless about where to go and how to go and despite saying clearly i wanted to go to Satpada he pushed off in a different direction. Some times i really wonder if the angel of bird watching does this on purpose to teach us all patience.

When I found he was on the road to no where i got a little upset about it and he very sweetly told me he would take a short cut so we would make up for lost time and be there in no time at all. yeah yeah right!

Turned out that on the little village road he took i got some great photo ops and enjoyed watching a lot of birds. Needless to say i missed the dolphins because the short cut took us 3 hours and the day completely went south.

Any way the highlight of the day was the really cool prawn masala lunch Oriya style with chapatis that were really to be seen to be believed. Luckily the prawns were awesome so i forgave the guy his chapatis and moseyed on.

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